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Easy Green Beans - Instapot

 https://twosleevers.com/pressure-cooker-green-beans-bacon/ INSTANT POT GREEN BEANS WITH BACON (or salt pork)


Ingredients·        1 cup onion diced·        5 slices bacon diced·        6 cups green beans cut in half·        1 teaspoon salt·        1 teaspoon pepper·        1/4 cup water

Instructions   1.You could either put all the ingredients in the pressure cooker in the order listed, or you could follow the steps below.

2.  Turn your Instant Pot or pressure cooker on Sauté, and follow the steps in this order.

3. Cut up the bacon and put it in the hot pressure cooker.

4. Start dicing the onion and put it in as you cut it.

5. Stir the bacon and onions and start cutting up the green beans.

6. Add the beans, water, salt and pepper to the pot.

7. Cook on high pressure for 4 minutes, and release all pressure immediately.

8. Taste and add salt and pepper as needed before serving.

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