Vacation Holds

We realize that life happens and therefore want to make it convenient for our members to put their shares on hold for vacations and those unexpected conflicts that may arise, please note, this does not include our Anytime Shares. We will offer our members two vacation holds during the 24 week season.  You must schedule your vacation hold date and makeup share date at least 10 days in advance for us to honor the hold.  

To setup a Vacation Hold:

1) Submit your email address in the box below and follow the instructions in the email you receive. Once you click on the update your membership link in the email, it will open up to our Vacation Holds webpage and allow you to schedule your vacation hold. 

2) Select the week you will not be picking up your share from the Starting Week drop down box.

3) Select the Number of Weeks you will be gone, if more than one week.

4) If you want to pick up that share on another week, select the week you will pick up your Makeup share from the Makeup Share Week drop down box.

5) If you would rather donate that share instead of picking it up another week, click the Donate Your Missed Share box. 

6) Type any notes you would like to share with us in the Notes section, then click Schedule Action, which completes your submission.

We are not responsible for making sure that your missed share is rescheduled and picked up later in the season.  We also do not offer any refunds for missed pick ups.

If you have a last minute conflict, we encourage you to have a friend or family member that can be your "back up" when situations arise that prevent you from picking your share up on time.  

We can not hold your share since it is perishable.  All shares that are not picked up on time will be donated to a needy family or local food bank.  We are unable to provide a refund for any shares that are not picked up on time.

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