Bradshaw Family Farm

The Bradshaw Family

Bradshaw Family Farm is located in Brush Creek, TN.  Just a hop, skip and  jump east of Lebanon in Smith county.  The Bradshaw family provides most of our pastured eggs and meats.  The family of six began raising hens several years ago when they moved to a 42 acre farm in Brush Creek.  Moving hens to fresh pasture every few days has become a family affair - and one that they enjoy...most days.   The hens are on pasture from sun up til sun down and feast on a variety of greens, bugs and are supplemented with a locally sourced, GMO-free feed.  The results  are found in the beautiful orange yolks full of nutrients and nothing like you would find in the store!  The yolks never lie~  

 Bradshaw Family Farm raises heritage meats including American Guinea Hogs.  The hogs are on pasture all day, every day and enjoy foraging on green grass, legumes, roots and grubs.  The hogs are natural foragers and receive little to no supplementation with local grains.  You will find Shetland sheep, Pygmy goats, Tennessee Fainting goats and a variety of other animals on the Bradshaw Farm. All of the animals at Bradshaw Family Farm are raised on beautiful pastures that are never treated with any chemicals or sprays.  They use sustainable farming methods and practice multi-species, intensive, rotational grazing.





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