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Good News!!! Please Read!

Posted 1/15/2020 11:20am by Stephanie Bradshaw.

Dear %%user-name%%,

We just made an exciting change to our farm share program! Ready to hear about it? Introducing customizable farm shares!  We are so excited! 

How does it work?We partnered with Harvie, an online farm share management program, that will allow members to be able to:

*Customize what vegetables you receive in your share!

*Flexible payment options.

*Easily reschedule your share or change delivery dates if you aren’t able to pick up!

*Built in cooking and recipe tips plus connect with farm share members all over the world (literally!)

*Swap items: Add “extra” products! 

When you join our customizable farm share, you will get the same quality ingredients and farm-to-table connection you’ve come to expect from us over the years, but with the addition of making it easier for you to use and enjoy all your items. You’ll see less food waste and enjoy a more convenient and personalized farm share program! In the next couple of weeks we are going to go through all these changes in detail for you so expect a few more emails from us as we show you how our new program will work. 

Ready to sign up now?

Great! Click “join now” to get started! 



Cheers to Healthy Eating,


Farmhouse Nashville Team

Stephanie Bradshaw



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